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Configuring HP Deskjet 3535 with CUPS

Hi, all...

Here i come with another stupid question.... :-)
I've got sid with 2.4.25 kernel, a HP Deskjet 3535
printer, and an 'apt-get install cupsys'..
I'd tried to get my printer work by configure it via
I choose the USB Printer #1 (3535)--> i don't why this
device sign with 3535, maybe because of hotplug ???
and had HP Deskjet 3550 as printer module.
Everything seems well, but when I try to test print,
it won't print at all.The printing job show
"..processing since..." and if I cancel it via 'cancel
job' I've got 
" Error : client-error-not-possible "
I did every instructions in Linuxprinting.org, but
still not work.....



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