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libfreetype bus error

(note: sending this a second time because I think my first attempt
didn't go through...apologies if it gets sent twice.  also i'm not
subscribed to the list so cc me on any replies, though I'll of course
check up via newsgroup for responses)

I have a laptop running sid that all of a sudden is getting bus errors
on a bunch of x apps - firefox, gaim, abiword, konqueror to name a few -
though it is able to run some of the more generic ones such as xterm and
xedit.  I did a little playing around with ldd and found one library
that all the broken apps had in common that was missing from the
nonbroken ones was libXft.  Then I realized I should give gdb a shot and
sure enough the bus error appears to happen somewhere in
FT_Stream_GetShort() from /usr/lib/libfreetype.so.6.

This all started happening after I installed kde (which wouldn't get
past the personalizer wizard when I tried to start it, presumably
because of this error), but I'd be a bit surprised if kde is really
causing the problem.  Is there a known bug in libfreetype or could I
have somehow managed to screw something up?  One other possibility is
that I'm a little suspicious that the laptop's hard drive may die soon
(sometimes makes some ugly noises and complains about "{ DriveReady
SeekComplete Error } ... { UncorrectableError }"), but up until this
point it had the same symptoms and no such problem so I don't think
that's causing it either.

A final point that might be related is that I'm using
xserver-xfree86-dri-mach64 (from the DRI project), oh and also that I'm
using a custom 2.6.4 kernel with the laptop-mode patch.  Again, I don't
really see how these are related but I figure I should be complete.


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