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Re: digital camera question

On Thursday 15 April 2004 9:09 am, Mike Chandler wrote:
> Unable to initialize camera. Check your port settings and camera connectivity 
> and try again.

First give this a read...
Steps two and three sound like what you are looking for...

Or you can do what I did (I have multiple cameras, one shows as a
USB hd), I just got a six-in-one usb card reader, made a mountpoint
named /flash (symlinked to /dev/sdc1)  and just mount it when needed. 
This to me is a lot more flexable than just gtkam/gphoto2.

Mine is a Sandisk ImageMate 6 in 1 reader and I just needed to add
the usbstorage module, and added the following to my /etc/fstab:

# 6 in 1 Removable USB Card Reader
# The sd_1 entries match up to the types of media read
#/dev/sda1       /fixme          vfat     ro,noauto,user         0       0
#/dev/sdb1       /fixme          vfat     ro,noauto,user         0       0
# This one I know is for SmartMedia.
# I removed the ro so that I could delete the files using 
# disk management tools like Konq, MC or good old rm
/dev/sdc1       /flash          vfat     noauto,user         0       0
#/dev/sdd1       /fixme          vfat     ro,noauto,user         0       0

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