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Re: exim doesn't work both ways

On 2004-04-09, Marty Landman penned:
> At 11:19 AM 4/9/2004, Monique Y. Mudama wrote:
>>I *think* what you actually want to do is to set up your debian system
>>so that it provides a POP3 email service (looks like this may already
>>be the case), then configure Eudora to check the debian server for
>>mail via POP3.
> Monique, that's just what I thought has been done. Eudora does check
> the pop3 server on Woody, and Woody knows Delliver's ip address. Also,
> I can send email to the Internet from Woody which uses Delliver as the
> gateway since my dial up connection's on that XP box.

I guess I'm confused by this statement in your original post:

"when I attempt to send an email from woody to dad@delliver it doesn't
get there."

Are you actually using the email address dad@delliver ?  I believe based
on what you've said that you would in fact want to send email to

> So what am I missing or need to check to track this down?

Well, you haven't really given us enough info ... you say that the email
doesn't get there.  Does Eudora produce any error messages, and if so, what
are they?  What do your exim logs say?  What about your pop server's logs?  On
your debian machine, logs will be somewhere in /var/log.  You probably have
logrotate set up, meaning that you will see somelog, somelog.1, somelog.2.gz,
etc.  somelog is the log to which the system is currently writing; somelog.1
is the previous log file; somelog.2.gz is the earlier log file, gzipped.


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