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Re: AMD vs. Intel

Katipo wrote:
Roberto Sanchez wrote:
Incidentally, since you mention looking for a new board,
if you plan to get an ATI video card, get a non-nVidia
mobo.  I really did the hat trick (nVidia mobo, AMD CPU,
and ATI video card).  The machine is rock solid now, but
it took me several months of tweaking and tinkering.  It
also helped when Biostar released a BIOS update that fixed
some of the most glaring problems with Linux.

Hope this helps,

Almost did it.
I've been looking at the Radion, because apparently the Linux
drivers are better.
Regards and thanks,

The Radeon cards (up to the 9200) work extremely well
with XFree86 4.3 and the Mesa DRI drivers.  On my box
(Athlon 2500+, 1 GB RAM, Radeon 9000 128 MB) I get like
15% - 25% better performance in glxgears with Mesa
drivers than with the proprietary ATI drivers.

However, I am currently stuck using the proprietary ATI
driver because they implement S3 texture compression.
S3 texture compression is used in certain games that I
play (lke Neverwinter Nights).  It is not in the Mesa
drivers because S3 texture compression is patent
encumbered.  Three cheers for software patents!
Hip Hip Hooray!

-Roberto Sanchez

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