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Re: AMD vs. Intel

Antonio Rodriguez wrote:

What about the shutting down, booting process? I've heard several
opinions about it, probably from incompetent people mostly. Some say
that it is better to leave the machine on without booting on and off,
others say that it is better to turn it off. Supossedly in the booting
process there is some wear (??). What do you guys have to say about
I always leave mine on.
I have a reasonable level of knowledge concerning computor componentry,
but this decision has more to do with what I learnt while building high-end audio.

Temperature fluctuation induces stress.
The optimum operating temperature of a greencap capacitor is 80 degrees Celsius, for example.
If you are forcing it through a temperature fluctuation range
of 0 - 80 on a continuous basis, it has to have an effect.
Multiply that across the entire range of componentry on a board of any sort,
and you have to be looking at an effect on integrity.

You see the same principle at work with a light bulb in a coolroom (commercial fridge). A continuous programme of 'off-on',
and the temperature fluctuations involved in a controlled
environment of 0-4 degrees Celsius, ensures the life of that light bulb
is extremely short.
Turn it on the once when you come into the shop, and only turn it off again when you leave for the day/night,
and it lasts much longer.


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