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Re: Frontpage ext

Paul Johnson wrote:
Mozzi <linux@mostert.nom.za> writes:

Can someone please point me @ docs to install frontpage 2002 server
extentions on woody.

What is your final goal?  I see three distinct possible courses of

1) The more-work route: Cut your losses and scrap the Frontpage idea,
   post what your final goal is and possibly get an answer on how to
   do the same in an open manner.

2) The throw-good-money-after-bad route: Go talk to your vendor.
   Microsoft will try to solve your server problems via the phone for
   US$245 per call, whether or not they solve it, whether or not you
   have to call back, if you call (800) 936-4900.

3) Psychic-Hotline route: Call your favorite telephone psychic.
   Slightly cheaper, and slightly more likely to solve your problem
   than Microsoft support.[1]

Hmm, hmm... Let's see ;-) Did you brew stronger coffee this morning?

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