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Re: 2 graphic cards and 2 display's

On Mon, 5 Apr 2004 16:10:52 -0400
Gregory Seidman <gss+debian@cs.brown.edu> wrote:

>On Mon, Apr 05, 2004 at 09:36:04PM +0200, messmate wrote:
>} Hi list,
>} here is my big problem:
>} I've a CAD-CAM system equiped with 1 big monitor (for the
>drawing's) } and 1 litte(15") who's display the menu.
>} The graphic cards are :
>} 1 double artist-card for the drawings monitor.
>} 1 trident TGUI9440 card for the 15" monitor.
>} I've installed on other partitions debian woody.
>} But can't get working the xserver on the 15" monitor with his
>trident} card.
>} Setted the pci id bus as " PCI:0:12:0" after a lspci to detect it.
>} And the xserver won't start; the message is :
>} "TRIDENT: no matching device section for instance (Bus ID
>PCI:0:18:0)} found. No devices detected."
>} I've setted the bus ID to 12 and not 18 !!!
>Remember that lspci reports ids in hexadecimal, and the XF86Config
>needs them in decimal. Hex 12 is decimal 18. What appears to be
>happening is that the trident driver is loading, knows from probing
>that it's at 0x12(decimal 18), doesn't find a matching device section
>in the XF86Config, thus complains. Set it to 18 in the XF86Config and
>it should work better.
>} What can I o ?
>} Any help would be very appreciated.
>} mess-mate
Thanks, you're right.
Setting to 18 do it :)
A 'XFree86 -scanpci -verbose' and the 18 was there.
But there must be something wrong with X; it's slow, slow....
I've setted the depht to 8 (1024/768) and only blackbox would start.
The card mem is 2048K. and 128M on motherboard. Was enough on 
another machine to run everything.
Swap = 150M. Pentium 233MMX.
What would be still wrong ? To little HD space ?

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