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Re: How to start network _after_ pcmcia drivers load?

On Fri, Mar 26, 2004 at 04:10:29AM -0500, Randy W. Sims wrote:
> I recently did a reinstall of Debian (3.0r1 kernel 2.4.18-686). I must 
> have done something different this time as the network is trying to come 
> up before the pcmcia driver is loaded which is where the network card 
> is. The first time I installed on this laptop everything worked fine 
> (after changing /etc/default/pcmcia: PCIC=yenta_socket).
> Right now I "fix" it by doing a 'ifdown eth0' followed by 'ifup eth0' as 
> soon as I log in. After this everything works as expected.

Have you tried putting the pcmcia drivers in /etc/modules?

Might require messing around with modules.conf (or Debian equivilent)

You could also use pre-up in /etc/network/interfaces. Seems messy

While I don't use PCMCIA, all my network drivers are in /etc/modules
and I have never had problems with them (other than me trashing /etc/modules).


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