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RE: Rooted? Could anything innocently alter the "i" flag?

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> From: Anthony Campbell [mailto:ac@acampbell.org.uk] 
> Sent: 22 March 2004 20:07
> I can't find anything else, so far, that's unusual apart from this, so
> I'm rather reluctant to go to radical steps like reinstalling
> everything. I compared /bin/ps on another machine which is 
> OK; this was
> exactly the same length and date.

Which machine did you do the compare on? If ps has been changed, its
concievable that ls has been changed too.

Download a known good (recent) copy of chkrootkit to the box, run it and see
if it gives you anything. 

I'd strongly recommend isolating the box from the net until your _sure_ your
not rooted.


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