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Re: Ever heard of Brief?

On Sun, Mar 21, 2004 at 10:39:06PM -0600, Anil Gupte spake thus:
> Once upon a time, long, long ago.... there was an editor called BRIEF (by
> Underware).  Yes, they were an Aussie firm.  Anyway, this was my favorite
> editor for the longest time in DOS - I am dating myself here aren't I?  One
> particularly neat feature was the ability to cut and paste columns.  I have
> never since found an editor that does that on either Windows or Linux.  Can
> anyone point me to such an editor?
> Thanx,
> Anil Gupte

Hi Anil,

Emacs can operate on columns. Actually, it can operate on "rectangles",
that is, one or more columns. You can get a full list of of the
functions that operate on rectangles by doing:

    M-x a p r o p o s RET r e c t a n g l e RET

When I run this on my machine, I get a list of 25 different operations
that can be applied to rectangles.

By default, most of the commands that operate on rectangles are bound to
the keyboard prefix 'C-x r', so the operations to "cut" and "paste"
("kill" and "yank" in emacs parlance) rectangles, respectively, are:

    C-x r k

    C-x r y

I use GNU Emacs, but I would expect that most or all emacsen can do


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