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Re: how to export messages from outlook express

Hector Scaramelli wrote:
On Fri, 2004-03-19 at 18:15, Katipo wrote:

root wrote:


I'm in the last steps of my migration from M$ to Debian. I have
400MB of messages that I need to have available in my mail
client. Using Ximian Evolution right now. I need suggestions on
how to do it.

Go to your file menu in Evolution, and click on 'import.' Regards,


In which directory should I put the .dbx files?

How do I import my Outlook .pst files into Evolution?
  	As my previous email client, I used Microsoft Outlook. How can I
import my old email and contacts from Outlook?

Evolution cannot import these files directly into Evolution because the
.pst format is a proprietary format, and access to it requires the use
of the MAPI.DLL library, which can only be read by applications running
in Windows. However, there are two applications that can convert the
files for you: Outport and Mozilla. You will be running these
applications under Windows and we cannot guarantee that they will work,
nor can we support them. You can also export address information to CSV
format and then convert it to a format that Evolution understands.
To Use Outport:

   1. Visit http://outport.sourceforge.net and download the Outport
   2. From Windows, install and run the application according to the
instructions on the web page. You will need to know the location of your
Outlook .pst files.
   3. Remeber where you place the exported files. They should be
somewhere you can access them from your Linux or UNIX system.
   4. From your Linux or UNIX system, run Evolution and import the files
by selecting File-->Import.

It may help to have Outlook running while using Outport.
To Import Mail with Mozilla:

   1. Install and run Mozilla for Windows (See mozilla.org for more
   2. Start the mailer and open the import tool by selecting File-->Import.
   3. Select "Import Mail from Outlook." If you cannot mount your
Windows partition under Linux or UNIX, copy the Mozilla mail files to a
directory you can access.
   4. From Linux or UNIX, run Evolution and start the import tool by
running File-->Import.

If you are the only user on Windows, the Mozilla mail files will be
stored in C:\Application
Data\Mozilla\Profiles\default\XXXX\Mail\imported.mail\. XXXX will be
some collection of numbers and letters ending in .slt.
If there is more than one user, the file will be in
C:\Profiles\USERNAME\XXXX\Mail\imported.mail\ where USERNAME is your
Windows username and XXXX is some collection of numbers and letters
ending in .slt

For each mail folder in Outlook, Mozilla will convert the folder into
one mbox file. To import all your mail, import all the files without a
.msf extension.
To Import Contacts:

First, you will need to use Outlook to export all of your contact to a
.csv file. To do this:

   1. Click on File --> Import and Export....
   2. Choose "Export to a file" and click [Next].
   3. For the file type choose "Comma Separated Values (DOS)".
   4. Click [Next].
   5. For the folder to export choose "Contacts".
   6. Name the exported file contacts.csv (no quotation marks) and place
it somewhere you can get to it from Linux or UNIX.
   7. Click [Next].
   8. Click [Finish].

From your Linux/UNIX system, you will then need to convert contacts.csv
into files that Evolution can understand by you running it through the
Perl script csv2vcard.pl. The program is normally installed with
Evolution, but if you don't have it, you can download it from the bottom
of this page. Put it in your home directory and make the it executable
by running the command:
chmod +x ~/csv2vcard.pl

Then, run the script to convert your contacts.csv to contacts.vcf. Use
the command:
csv2vcard.pl contacts.csv contacts.vcf

If you did not have csv2vcard installed with Evolution, and downloaded
it instead, the command will be ./csv2vcard contacts.csv contacts.vcf

Once you have contacts.vcf, you can import it into Evolution:

   1. Run Evolution
   2. Click File --> Import.
   3. Click [Next].
   4. Click on "Import from a single file"
   5. Click [Next] again.
   6. For file type choose "VCard...".
   7. Click [Browse] and select your file.
   8. Click [Next] then [Import].

To download Mozilla for Windows, visit mozilla.org or download.com.


This is an extract from one of five pages on Novells' Ximian Evolution site.
Google should get you more.


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