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Re: Installing from iso images. SOLVED

On Wed, 17 Mar 2004 21:12, Brian Brazil wrote:

> Comment out(#) the cdrom lines. Then alter the paths for deb file until
> 'apt-get update' works correctly. Brute force but it worked for me.
> Brian

What I was doing wrong was failing to apt-get update after the mods to 
/etc/apt/sources.list. Soon as I tried that I was able to debug my source 
lines quite quickly.

Just showing 1 relevant line from each of sources.list and mount:
deb file:/mnt/Debian3.0/CD1/debian woody contrib main non-US/main 

/data/isos/debian/i386/woody/debian-30r2-i386-binary-1.iso on 
/mnt/Debian3.0/CD1 type iso9660 (rw,loop=/dev/loop0)

Still havene't installed anything from it because the apt-get update + 
upgrade is a 5 hour process for me just now.

Thanks all

Bob Parker

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