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Re: mldonkey-server broken in Sid?

Lorenzo Prince wrote:

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> I have installed mldonkey-server on my Sid system.  I followed all the
> steps in the package configuration and told it to run as a ystem service
> at startup.  However, I can never access either the web or telnet
> interfaces.  All indications are that the program isn't even running,
> although running
> /etc/init.d/mldonkey-server start
> provides the following output:
> Starting MLDonkey: mlnet.
> I can't seem to figure what is wrong, only that it doesn't work at all.
> Could it be that the package is broken in Sid?  Should I send this as a
> bug report?
There is a bug on it already. read it. there is a temporary solution


from this link:
"I found that exporting HOME=$MLDONKEY_DIR right before the
start-stop-daemon command allows it to work properly again."


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