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Re: what user for /etc/cron.weekly?

Monique Y. Herman wrote:
On 2004-03-15, Travis Crump penned:

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Monique Y. Herman wrote:

When entries in /etc/cron.weekly are run, what user/group are they
run as?

Whatever user it says in /etc/crontab.  On mine it is root.

Odd.  I'm getting an error running popularity-contest because it says it
doesn't have permission to run dpkg.  According to /etc/crontab, it's
running as root, and root certainly does have permission to run dpkg!

Additionally, popularity-contest only uses dpkg for "dpkg-query --show --showformat='\${status} \${package}\\n'|" which should even work as a normal user. Indeed, the only reason it[pop-con] appears to need to run as root is to write to /var/log/popularity-contest*[why not /var/(lib|cache)/popularity-contest/?], but I could be wrong.

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