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Can dselect display get shown on a serial console?

1. I am trying to run dselect on a serial console. Yet it seems that
   `only ascii' screens like the main menu (the one with the possible
   actions to choose from) and the screen where one can actually see
   the installation process (that is the screen that is shown after
   selecting I from the main menu) gets displayed properly. Some other
   screens, like the unfulfilled dependencies screens are sometimes
   cluttered with other characters. In particular, the space character
   is replaced by something else. Is this a matter of correctly setting
   the terminal and if so what do I need to do?
2. Actually, my setup is more complicated. I ssh from machine A to
   machine B. On machine B I run screen. In one window of screen I run
   minicom, which connect to machine C. And on minicom display I get 
   the terminal on which I run dselect. What do I need to do to get
   proper display of dselect?
   It should be noted that debconf has a proper display on the terminal
   that was obtained by minicom. For example, I get blue background
   and nice windows.
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