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Re: c++ reference package

On Sun, Mar 14, 2004 at 10:03:23PM -0800, Brian Nelson wrote:
> Micha Feigin <michf@post.tau.ac.il> writes:
> > Is there a package with c++ references in one form or another?
> >
> > I found quite a lot of c references but could locate anything proper on
> > c++.
> stl-manual and libstdc++5-doc are the only ones I've found useful.
> Mostly I stick to paper books though.


I downloaded libstdc++6-doc earlier and had some trouble with them for
some reason. Looked at libstdc++5-3.3-doc again and it has what I want
although I have to admit that the documentation is kind of crappy,
especially compared to some of the options for c code (which is what I
usually use since I mostly kick the kernel at the moment).

I also have stroustrup (dead tree) but its not much better although
they are both better the M$ help files IIRC (didn't use them for years
although I don't think they are any better now ;-)

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