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Re: xserver-sis

Chris Mueller wrote:
Hello Debian folks

Installing Debian 3.0r2
I get stuck in xf86config specifying the videoCard.

mainboard ASUS CUSI-FX
SiS 630E AGPset
SiS300 AGP graphics controller

As I read in postings I should choose xserver-sis,
but can't find the right place for doing so.

Both files are present:

Is xserver-sis still relevant,
or was that for older Debian versions?

Thanx for any hint to continue the install

Start with checking the output of 'lspci -vv' to get the "real name" of your chipset. I'm not doubting your information here, but I always do this to be certain.

Also, I believe that the selection of the modules is related to XFree86 version 3.X and not 4.X. In Version 4, all(?) the modules where incorporated into a unified set. You do need to identify the driver, but that's during the xfree86 configuration.

As an alternative, try using the xfree86 --configure script to build your config file. It might not be perfect, but it will be informative.

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