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Re: static ip to dhcp conversion -- getting a hostname

On Fri, Mar 05, 2004 at 03:16:34PM -0600, Alan Shutko wrote:
> This is really a fairly common setup.  As I mentioned, Windows and Mac
> don't generally really care what the hostname associated with their IP
> is.  Few applications care.  So DHCP servers just hand out IPs, and

Not true for Windows.  If multiple IPs and DNS aliases are made for a 
Windows machine, IIS and other TCP/IP apps will work the same on any IP 
or hostname.  And NetBios will work with any IP address, but it will 
only work with the DNS name which equals the NetBios name.  NetBios is 
used for File Sharing and also NTLM authentication, but only kinda sorta 
for Kerberos and NT Process Authentication.  Lots of subtle 

This can get really interesting with Cluster Server where the NETBios 
name is a Cluster resource that can be owned by one member or the other 
while both machines are responding on all IPs.  Like everything else in 
Windows, it's complicated.

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