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Re: Reconfigure Mouse?

Michael Satterwhite wrote:

Actually, I am running Sarge ... and I'm without the mouse. The installer can't protect us from the Dumb User Complex.

I tried running discover - nothing happened.

It looks like it's going to take less time to reload everything than to figure out how to reconfigure the mouse.

You'll probably wind up with the same problem. I would strongly recommend against a rebuild, unless of course you just want the experience. I suspect you don't have USB support working. Try running modconf, and add in any modules that look interesting related to mouse and USB, like usbcore, usbmouse, mousedev, hid, uhci/ohci/ehci host support (depends on your controller - "lspci -v" and look for type).

And again, I'd suggest installing gpm and getting it working prior to getting the mouse in X to work; it's a lot easier/quicker to restart gpm than it is to restart X after every little tweak.

Also, just as a freebie; while in X, you can simulate a mouse with your number pad (on a 104-type keyboard, not laptops) by pressing Shift-NumLock to turn it on; then the various outside number keys to move in that direction; 5 for a click, / to set the 5 to do a left click, * to set it to do a middle click, - to set it to do a right click, ins for click-and-hold, del to turn off click-and-hold.


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