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EOF on net-drivers.img

I'm trying to install Debian on an older system:
4GB drive; 32MB of Ram.
The system has a network card and a floppy, so the most sensible way to
install it would be to use network (Internet) install.

I've downloaded four floppy 1.44 images from unstable branch:
boot.img  cd-drivers.img net-drivers.img  root.img 

However, the cd-drivers.img & net-drivers.img are giving me an error:
EOF on net-drivers.img etc.

I use the command to write the floppies:
dd if=file.img of=/dev/fd0 bs=1024 conv=sync ; sync

The images from testing branch from Jan. have their own problem relating
to some incompatibility with gz compression and during installation
error message in debootstrap.log "tar: unrecognized file type". 
Apparently this has been fixed with the March update but I'm stuck with
that EOF error message.

Can any body try to burn the cd-drivers.img & net-drivers.img from
unstable to floppies and confirm it.
Is it a bug?


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