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Re: installation

Maxime BrouBrou wrote:

I know every single part of my computer...and it is debian for x86.
But i read some part in the installation manual...and i dont really know more about how to install from the hard drive.

I am going to assume that you mean 'install onto the hard drive'.

 Which floppy

You are installing by way of floppies? This is an arduous process. Isn't there any way you could burn the iso to CDs instead?

...which type of partition?

It depends on your situation which you have not told us anything about. I assume that it is for a personal PC and not for a large cluster system? If that is the case, for a first install creating a / partition of 5GB should be sufficient for most purposes, and a swap partition of 256MB.

 do i choose it in the debian


The most important thing with installation is that you take your time, and make sure of your facts before committing to any action.


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