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FYI: Branden's Response to DPL Platform Question

I asked Branden Robinson a question about his DPL platform, and got a pretty good response, so I thought I'd post it here.


While I am in no 'official' position to request this (I'm just a random interested user), I'd really appreciate you guys including some stuff about the current release cycle, the ongoing delays in releasing Sarge, and possible ideas on how to improve the situation in future releases.


I do mention the issue in my platform, but I have no specific
recommendations to make at this time.  If elected, I will work with
Anthony Towns, Colin Watson, and Steve Langasek as best I can to
identify the problems they perceive, and collaboratively come up with

There are several hard problems that work together to make releasing
Debian difficult.  Also, the rewrite of our installer technology has put
a unique load on this release cycle.

It's worth reviewing Anthony's mail to debian-devel-announce in
December, and Colin's last week, to get an idea of some of the
challenges they've had to face.  The fact that approximately 6% of our
archive fails to meet bare minimum expectations leads me to believe that
we may want to inaugurate a special process for orphaning such packages.

Feel free to repost this reply publicly.

Joel Konkle-Parker
Webmaster  [Ballsome.com]

E-mail     [jjk3@msstate.edu]

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