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Exim and virtual domains

I'm having some trouble getting virtual domains to work.
What I wanted to accomplish was to have a user at fred@somedomain.com go to terry@localdomain.com
Kinda like Sendmails virtusertable function.

This is what i've tried so far:

Before the system_aliases stanza, I put this in:

 driver = aliasfile
 domains = lsearch;/etc/exim/virtuals
 file = /etc/exim/virtualaliases
 search_type = lsearch

And in /etc/exim/virtuals:
somedomain.com:   /etc/exim/virtualaliases

In /etc/exim/virtualaliases:
fred@somedomain.com:   terry@localdomain.com

This is not working for me.
Am I approaching this the right way ?
Any help at all would be good.

Thanks so much!

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