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Need FastTrak.o for 2.4.20-bf2

Hello Guys,

I have a very big problem here.
I want to install Debian on a system which uses
a Promise FastTrak Sx 6000 Raid Controller.

I found a disk image with the FastTrak.o file compiled for the 2.4.20-bf2
Kernel here

i downloaded the bf2 netinst image and tried to insert this module..
But the system gives me a "Object was compiled for 2.4.20 kernel, you are
using 2.4.20-bf2.
This is very confusing... because the bin image is ESPECIALLY for the
Maybe the guy who provides this made a big mistake.. or i am to silly.

Can somebody give me FastTrak.o compiled for the 2.4.20-bf2??

This would rescue my life for today =)

Thank you 

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