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Re: logging stdin && stdout

* Na Zo <perl-w@freemail.hu> [2004-02-15 00:38]:
> Is there any way to log into a file by an interactive program the stdout and
> the stdin? I tried out tee, screen, and script, but didn' t find the
> solution. By that interactive program i' d like to log all characters on the
> console. For example "program | tee file" will log only the stdout, and "tee
> file | program | tee file" will log at first the stdin and just after the
> stdout into the file, so in a separated way.

You said you tried screen, but didn't say what exactly you tried... maybe you
want the 'log' function of screen?  Start it and stop it with ^A H ...  It
will create a log file called 'screenlog.n' where n is the number of the
current window.

-- Mike

Michael W. Thelen
If you wish your merit to be known, acknowledge that of other people.
                -- Oriental proverb

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