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Re: mysql 4.1.1 debian package

Uzytkownik Joshua Ferraro napisal:
Hello everyone,

Does anyone have any advice on how to upgrade mysql from 4.0.16 (testing)
to 4.1.1 without installing from source.  I currently running woody and
I have setup up pinning so that I could install the testing version of
mysql (4.0.16) but there are some functions in 4.1.1 that I really need
like subqueries.  Is there a way to build my own debian package?


I download a rpm package from MySql wbesite, next I use an alien package to change rpms do debs, and last install it using

dpkg -i --force-all *.deb

and last thing

ln -s /etc/mysql/my.cng /etc/my.cnf

Mysql starting scripts looking for config files in /etc directory.

And it should work

Lukasz Stelmach
JID: lukasz@chrome.pl
GG: 1318645

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