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Re: Holy Shee-it

Oh, I'm not bashing Apple, Mac, or Mac OS X by any means. You might want to check out my email address and the web address on my signature :-)

I have been interested in the PowerPC processor [32 general purpose registers!!!] since the first rummers and articles many years ago (what was that 93? 94?). I originally bought an eMac with the intention of running Yellow Dog Linux. I never got around to installing Linux on it because, to my surprise, OS X turned out to be a very capable Unix environment with every tool that I needed either included or readily available. Then I bought an iBook which also runs OS X exclusively.

I soon sold my 300 Mhz Pentium Linux machine for $75 and the two Macs were my only computers from 2002 until early this year when I finally got around to putting together another intel clone which is now devoted to Debian.

On Feb 16, 2004, at 3:44 PM, Dave's List Addy wrote:

On 2/16/04 1:07 PM, "s. keeling" wrote:

(or Mac too of course).

Watch it now !! :)

David Thurman
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