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Re: debian sarge and new installer

On Fri, 2004-02-13 at 11:40, jim woodward wrote:
> I have installed sarge using the installer cd. I am using a cheap mb with a
> via 650 mhz cpu in the mb, and I have 128 meg ram. I compiled the 2.6.2
> kernel and all seems to be running ok, but when I boot the system, I notice
> that it tries to do something with appletalk and also pcmcia. I have
> compiled nothing in the kernel that refers to these objects and the messages
> are not in dmesg. Is there a file somewhere that would tell me what's
> happening ?
> If someone else ran across this, I would like to know how the problem was
> solved.

If its not showing up in dmesg, it probably has nothing to do with your
kernel and has everything to do with some daemon that is configured to
run at boot time.

I'm guessing you've installed netatalk or some such, which could result
in you seeing messages regarding appletalk in your boot messages.
Netatalk is a daemon that is (roughly) to apple filesharing what Samba
is to windows filesharing.

The pcmcia messages probably have a similar source (pcmcia card

To check whether these packages are installed, type:

apt-cache policy pcmcia-cs netatalk

> I noticed that the sarge installer cd did not ask me if I wanted to delete
> the pcmcia stuff, which was a question when installing woody.
> Thanks for any suggestions!

I've not used the new installer, so I cant help you here.


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