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phpbb2 woes

Hokay, this is frustrating. I've gotten phpbb2 to work before but for some reason I can't this time. Here's the setup.

ii  php4                 4.3.3-2              A server-side, HTML-embedded
ii  apache              Versatile, high-performance HTTP
ii  php4-mysql           4.3.3-5              MySQL module for php4
ii  mysql-server         4.0.17-2             mysql database server binaries

I've given the forums I want to install its own user with all permissions set. I've tried creating the database for the install script as well as doing it without the DB made. Files are chowned correctly. Telling the install script the proper database type. The end result is that I keep getting "The PHP configuration on your server doesn't support the database type that you chose". Which is BS since I have MySQL4 installed, told it to use MySQL4, phpmyadmin can get to the DBs and I can telnet to the DB from localhost to the correct port (turned on net just in case). I've even gone so far as to downgrade to MySQL3 since that is what I got phpbb2 to work on last time. No dice.

    Anyone have any ideas what I might be missing?

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