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Imap && imap-ssl && pop3-ssl

[Sorry for the cross-post - I think it's applicable to both -isp and 

I need to offer imap, imapssl and pop3ssl services. FWIW, imap would be 
localhost only, but -ssl services would be publically accessible.

My reading thus far leads me towards Courier-imap with Exim 4 
backported to stable so I can interface with ClamAV, but feel free to 
point out something important that I've missed.

Do I need to have a different instance of the server running for each 
protocol?  i.e. one listening on each port that the three services use 
as standard?

Is there a server that would do the job with just one instance listening 
on all three ports?  Would there be any advantages or disadvantages to 
this?  I'm thinking locking/concurrency/that-sorta-thing.

How do you deal with this situation?  Are there any gotchas I need to 
know about?  I'm guessing that using Maildirs will alleviate many of the 
problems that mboxes would create ...

Any pointers/suggestions/cluebats appreciated!


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