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Re: hp deskjet 600c please help

>>> dm  writes:

  dm> Please help me configure my deskjet 600c, I keep finding lists every
  dm> like here
  dm> http://hpinkjet.sourceforge.net/printmodedescr.php#DJ6xx
  dm> and various listervs but no matter what I try i can not get it
  dm> configured.
  dm> I have tried foomatic, cups, apsfilterconfig, printtool with hp 660
  dm> hp600 hp600 color and no success
  dm> when i do autodetect in printool it detects a "DESKJET 600" so I am
  dm> pretty sure the cable works.

Here's a chapter from an upcoming book that talks about SAMBA.

*BUT* it also goes into great detail about CUPS and explains how
it works.  I found it a great resource:


- Bill
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