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Re: Has anyone ever thought of getting the reply-to changed?

Richard Hector wrote:
The trouble is, you can't. If the list has changed the Reply-to header,
it's thrown away what was there before. You could fall back to the From
or Sender header, but that might not be where the sender reads their
mail. They may have set Reply-to for a good reason.

Funny thing is in the 10 or so years I've been puttering around the 'net I've not once seen a legitimate use of reply-to. It is one of those vestigal wastes of pixels in the RFCs that, when designed, seemed to have a good purpose at the time but as the 'net moved on it never really needed it.

IE, name me one case where someone would set reply-to where they would not be able to also set From:. I can't think of a single modern email client out of early development where this isn't the case. I can't think of one in the past decade going back to my early days with elm and pine.

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