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Re: Looking for video server

hi ya tony

On Fri, 6 Feb 2004, Tony Baechler wrote:

> Hello.  I am looking for a reliable, stable MPEG streaming video 
> server.  The videos are in the MPEG layer 1 format.  I have used apt-cache 

for streaming mpeg1 servers
	and pick the app you want to test for your streaming server

most of the big client apps ( mplayer, xine, ogg-based, .. ) can play
*.mpg or *.qt or whacky *.ms combinations depending on the app 

c ya

> to search, but found nothing which really works.  The best I found was for 
> LANs, but this would need to work with Apache.  It is important that it 
> allows some degree of privacy since the videos would be confidential and 
> access would need to be restricted if possible.  I already looked at Darwin 
> but it requires the Quicktime player.  It sends the application type as 
> Quicktime to the browser no matter what format it is.  Also, this is for a 
> business so something like Helix, which is restricted to non-commercial use 
> wouldn't work.  Although it would be best to find something which is free 
> of fees, a small amount could be paid if absolutely necessary.
> The server is running Debian Woody with Apache, PHP and mod-SSL.  If other 
> things are required, they can be added but I would like to stay with stable 
> packages if possible.  Thank you very much for your help.

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