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Unexpected signal: 11


I am running debian 2.2.19. I had been receiving the message below in my
logs and sendmail has not been able to send or receive mail, although it
didn't crash.

Feb  5 06:19:16 logan xinetd[875]: {general_handler} (875) Unexpected
signal: 11 (Segmentation fault)
Feb  5 06:19:16 logan xinetd[875]: {bad_signal} Received 10 signals in 1
seconds. Exiting...

An hour before this problem started, there seems to be a buffer overflow
attempt and there was an error logged for:
rpc.statd[186]: gethostbyname error for ^X÷ÿ¿^X÷ÿ¿^Z (truncated as it is
very long).

The problem was solved by restarting xinetd, however, I am wondering if
anyone might know, what caused it and if and if the gethostbyname error
might have anything to do with it.


Easwari Thoreraj

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