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Re: Need help, dual NICs, don't know whether this /etc/network/interfaces file is correct (sorry I accidentally replied to you, Adam)

On 2004-02-05, Joseph Jones penned:
> Adam Aube wrote:
>> On Wednesday 04 February 2004 09:39 pm, Joseph Jones wrote:
>>>Could someone just check over this for me please? I'm having no end
>>>of trouble trying to get my nforce's onboard interface working.
>>>If this isn't the problem, could someone suggest what is? The
>>>forcedeth patch installed cleanly, and appears to be trying to work.
>>>/etc/network/interfaces follows:
>> [snipped]
>> Your interfaces file looks fine. Exactly what happens when you try to
>> get your network interface working, and how do you try to do it?
>> Adam
>   I try to get it working by starting up my PC. I was under the
>   impression that that was all was requied after installing the kernel
>   (it's all my Via Rhine based card needed).
> Upon bootup, it says something along the lines of eth1: ERROR while
> getting interface flags: No such device (dmesg has ceased to work for
> some reason, so I had to right it down as it flashed by) about 6 or so
> times.
> Joe

Does ctrl+s work on bootup to suspend the screen output and let you snag
the full message?


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