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Keep getting some minor error messages in Evolution

I set up a mailserver earlier this week running Debian Unstable. It
involves fetchmail for retrieving the mail from the ISP. It is using
Postfix for the MTA and Courier-IMAP as the imap server. I've got
procmail running on it as well along with Spam Assassin.

Beginning this morning, I've started getting error messages in Evolution
on my desktop PC which is also running Debian Unstable.

Here's one of them:
Error while 'Scanning folders in "IMAP server mailserver"':
Resource temporarily unavailable

And here's another when I click on a new message:
Error while 'Retrieving message 44':
No such file or directory

I can click on another message and go back to the message that gave me
the error and it comes up fine then.

Connecting to the mailserver from my iBook which is running OS X gives
me no problems. So I'm assuming its an Evolution problem.

Anyone know whats going on? I leave Evolution up and it checks for mail
every 5 minutes.

Jeff Self
Dept. of Information Technology
City of Newport News

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