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Re: Font Mystery


Did you also loosed the Fixed[Sony] and Fixed[Jis] fonts ??

Since I have updated from Woody to SID ... I have the same trouble of you, and 
I also loosed those fonts but only under KDE ... I can choose them with 
xemacs ... but impossible under KDE ??!
My font under Konsole is really ugly ... and I have also loosed the Helvetica 
font :o((

Could it be in relation with the bug detailed here ?

I have reproduced also this trouble under GNOME in my 3 PC configurations 
under SID after the migration from Woody ... :o(

And no solution of the moment ... including testing the x-font guide from 
here :


Le Mercredi 4 Février 2004 05:01, Steven Leach a écrit :
> Oh, more info that I forgot to add and a correction:
> First, just a correction, it is Mozilla and Epiphany that are
> displaying fonts incorrectly on the dysfunctional installation,
> firebird works just fine (I had mistakingly written that it was Mozilla
> and Firebird both).   on the "testing" installation, all three are just
> fine.
> Also, on the installation that is working all fonts are listed
> correctly in the font menus (ie "Georgia", "Courier New", etc...) on
> the dysfunctional installation they show up as adobe-courier-iso8859-1
> or microsoft-georgia-iso8859-15 etc. etc. except for in Firebird where
> they are also rendered correctly.
> highly baffled....


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