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Re: passing xterm parameters

At Tuesday, 03 February 2004, "Einstein9112@yahoo.com" <Einstein9112@yahoo.
com> wrote:

>Harland Christofferson wrote:
>> i need the _interactivity_ of lynx. i am using the _CMD_SCRIPT 
>> to push information to the server which i am connected.
>Oh.  I don't know what you're trying to do with cmd_script, but it 
>"might" be possible to do it with wget through creative use of options 
>like referer/--load-cookies/--http-user/passwd .
>I suggest this as an alternative to lynx because I have no idea how to 
>solve your origional problem.

i wish it were that easy ... i have to push information to an ssl 
server and monitor the results. this is why is not a simple wget 
operation. a good example of what i am trying to do it to logon to 
an online banking account to download account information ... i need 
to push information to the ssl server. lynx works very well using 
the -CMD_SCRIPT  option. the trouble is that i have to run the script 
from an xterm that has enough rows and columns to be sure that information 
is not lost as the information is piped to a text file.

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