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Re: passing xterm parameters

On Tue, Feb 03, 2004 at 12:52:26PM -0500, Harland Christofferson wrote:
> i have several lynx sessions that are being piped to text files, 
> i.e., lynx www.somewebpage.com > temp.txt. in order to capture the 
> entire web page, i have found that i have to run this from an xterm 
> session w/ the window opened to at least the row/column width of 
> the web page of interest. i wish to have these lynx sessions run 
> as a cron job without having to open an xterm session. i am sure 
> there are environment variables set for the number of rows and colunms 
> in the xterm session that are passed to lynx when lynx is called 
> from the xterm command line. how can i pass these parameters to lynx 
> such that the script can be started via a cron job and never have 
> to have an xterm session open?

Why not just use wget instead of lynx, you can set wget up with recursive downloading
and set the depth you desire. You can also make a file to have it set
to read the proper pages. Something like this:

wget -r -1 2 http://your.website.com

If you need more information on wget see the man page, or if that is still
unclear use the gnu.org site and see the documents for wget. At one time I 
was thinking about making a howto about wget. But seeing the gnu docs put
me off because they were that good.


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