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Re: passing xterm parameters

Harland Christofferson wrote:
i have several lynx sessions that are being piped to text files, i.e., lynx www.somewebpage.com > temp.txt. in order to capture the entire web page, i have found that i have to run this from an xterm session w/ the window opened to at least the row/column width of the web page of interest. i wish to have these lynx sessions run as a cron job without having to open an xterm session. i am sure there are environment variables set for the number of rows and colunms in the xterm session that are passed to lynx when lynx is called from the xterm command line. how can i pass these parameters to lynx such that the script can be started via a cron job and never have to have an xterm session open?

If you are doing this as a way to periodically download pages, wget is a much better choice. "man wget" will show all the options available, from just getting the page, to getting everything needed to view the page, to downloading an entire site.

Lynx is really more of an interactive browser.


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