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Re: erased all XWindows

Sam Rosenfeld wrote:

I erased all my X-related bin files (that is, including apps running on X)
and did not have them backed up.  I could reinstall them one at a time but
that seems very laborious -- is there some better way?

Currently using Linux 2.2.20, Debian Woody

As I no longer subscribe to the list, please cc me with reponses.


You could try tasksel, which would get you quite a bit of it back.

I'd probably use dselect or aptitude, and just go marking things for install that look interesting. Then start the download/install and go strum on the guitar for half an hour (or four days, if you're on dial-up).

Neither of these is reinstallation one at a time, but you will have to mark one at a time to get a lot of what you want.


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