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Re: Mapping stanzas in interfaces file not working

On Tuesday 03 February 2004 04:42 am, Chris Eisley wrote:
> The problem is that when I put the mapping entry in, ifup gives the
> error "Ignoring unknown interface eth0=eth0."

Have you tried manually running "ifup -v eth0"? If so, what was the 

> The script I designate in the script line of the mapping stanza is never
> being executed

How do you know?

> Here's what I'm trying.  The iface lines you see below all work
> perfectly when they use physical interface names instead of logical
> ones (ie eth0 instead of eth0-whatever); in the past I was simply
> uncommenting the one I wanted to use at the time.

Can you also post the contents of /etc/network/show-role.sh?

As far as I can tell (from the man page), your interfaces syntax is fine.


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