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Re: problems with connection


are you really sure that you have a connection? Try the following using a

ping (that is www.sun.com) does it work? Yes, okay your ppp
seems to work so far.....

after that try nslookup www.sun.com (giving you back the IP
does it work? Yes, your DNS service is running properly...........

If these simple tests work, your connection is fine................

What else is installed, did you install a firewall maybe? Do you have to
open the ports 113, 80 etc. first, before you can use them? If the first two
tests work this means you definelty have a problem with your mail and
browser but not with your line........ if the two tests didn't work you'll
have to check your ppp settings again.

I bet that this is a name solving problem and your test fails at the
nslookup command! Let me know how it works out and make sure to use


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Subject: problems with connection

> from a debian newbie...i tried in many ways to browse the web...the
> pppconfig is ok...the modem runs but when i'm connected my browser is
> unable to reach no one host on the net...also with mail my machine isn't
> able to connect the smtp and pop3 server...what can i do?
> thanxxx
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