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net-install problem: sysvinit corrupt

I'm am attempting a net-install of debian on my computer (i686) but I keep 
getting this same error.  I am able to set-up my network card and connect to 
the ftp server, but it always stops at the same file with the message:

file:/debian/pool/main/s/sysvinit/sysvinit_2.84-2woody1_i386.deb was corrupt
Couldn't download sysvinit

I noticed that somebody writing emails in german got the same error message, 
but I couldn't find anything else about it.  It sounds like the error is that 
there is a problem with the file but that seems unlikely and I have tried 
several mirrors always with the same error, so is there some problem with my 
system or some way to get around this?  Thanks.


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