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Re: Question on dselect

Hello 'TTH'!

On Mon, Feb 02, 2004 at 10:07:03PM +0800, TTH wrote:
I did an apt-get yesterday and somehow, other than the packages that I specified, many other unrelated packages are selected as well.

Specifically, I have upgraded my xine-ui (by executing apt-get -t testing xine-ui). That's done and all is good. But when I go to dselect, I find that many packages were flagged to be removed and installed. See below. 2 questions:

1.  Is this normal behaviour?

As Monique said, many strange things might happens in Sid...

2. How can I tell dselect "I do not want any actions to be taken on these packages". Of course, one way is to go to every single package and 'hold'. Is there a more efficient way?

Please see
and check if it helps.


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