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Re: Aptitude "#Broken: 4" message -- Confused!

On (02/02/04 15:54), Benjamin Sher wrote:
> Just for the fun of it, I downloaded and installed "Aptitude", At the top on 
> the menu it says:
> Aptitude 0.2.13 #Broken: 4 Will free 9375kb DL size: 13.9
> This appears on the third line of the menu BEFORE I actually use it in any 
> way. Does this really mean that I have four broken packages? This couldn't be 
> true. I checked apt-get update carefully and Synaptic. Both clearly say: 0 
> broken packages, etc. There is no question about it. If so, then what does # 
> Broken: 4 mean, please. 
> This is really making me anxious. Would really appreciate a clarification. 
I am no expert but moved from dselect to aptitude a month or so ago.  It
works quite differently from dselect but running sid (as I've just
started to do) it is very helpful.

What you need to do is search through the installed packages and
identify those that are broken.  The reason may be that they are missing
dependancies or if using unstable there may be a problem with the
packages or dependencies themselves.  Without seeing what you are seeing it is
difficult to guide you.

However, if you scroll through the installed packages it should become
clear where the problems arise.  In my case, when this has happened,
I've either held or uninstalled packages watching for "Broken" count to
decrease, ultimately to zero.  Then you can safely update your system
subject to bug reports.

YMMV - good luck


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