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RAID SCSI 68 pin


I'am a very newbie in scsi raid devices. I collect
some of old scsi hdd to experiment in Debian.

Before I start my experiment, I would like to ask a
few questions

- Is it possible to have different scsi hdd (e.g. 1
hdd 20g with 10k rpm and 50g with 15k rpm) as raid 5
(where more than 1 hdd become 1 partition)

- Would it be possible in Debian to mount a few
diffrent scsi hdd into one partition?

- Is there any docos can lead my way on how to learn
this things?

- If I re-install the Debian, what preparation should
I make to make sure every hdd will back to where it
belongs (the partition offcourse)

Thank You.

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