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Re: Can't find SATA driver

ljezek@atlas.sk wrote:
I have Soltek FRN2 motherboard with integrated Promise Fasttrak SATA RAID.
In the reatil pack, there have been drivers for Win XXX included, but no LINUX drivers. ;-(
NOONE - neither Soltek, nor Promise were able to send me drivers for my HDD.
I do not know much about Linux yet, but I don't think that there's already a Kernel that has built-in support for SATA drives, or is it?!
I do not want and plan to buy an IDE HDD, could U suggest anything that would help me solve this and install?!

Support for SATA drives does exist but is not mature 'works straight out of the box'. There's been various correspondence on the list. Try searching the archives for 'SATA' or 'Promise' to discover more.

As to how to make your m/b work, my suggestion would be to download Knoppix and try that.

Cheers, Dave

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