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exim3->exim4 problems

I did an apt-get upgrade of exim4 today and now have several problems.
(I've gone back to exim3 for now.)

This shows in the paniclog:

2004-02-01 15:01:40 1AnNO9-0003Gc-Jw failed to open /etc/mail/domains.db
as a db (v3/4) file: Success

Is that an ownership problem?

Why does my .forward file no longer work?

2004-02-01 15:22:26 1AnO6s-0001Pf-LU == rick@niof.net R=userforward defer
(-1): bad mode (0100664) for /home/rick/.forward: 020 bit(s) unexpected

Most importantly, during the half-hour or so that I had exim4 installed
I received no incoming mail. Highly unusual. As soon as exim3 was
reinstalled lots of email started coming in.

What could I have done wrong?

"I was not born to be forced ..." -- Henry David Thoreau
    Rick Pasotto    rick@niof.net    http://www.niof.net

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